Day 1: It Begins

Hello and welcome to my first day of funemployment!

It hasn’t really sunk in yet that I am out of work, probably because I spent a nice chunk of the day talking to my co-workers about stuff that probably should have been addressed before I left.


  • Despite my best efforts, I woke up this morning at 6:57 AM. I finally gave up trying to go back to sleep at 9:00 AM, but stayed in bed playing with my phone until about 10:30 AM.
  • I’ve taken it upon myself to start a deep clean of my whole apartment. Is this how I plan to channel my stress over being unemployed, or are my roommates just slobs and my house is fucking gross? Only time will tell!
  • I ended my first day of Funemployment by taking a mini-road trip with friend and genuine class act (Alec Guinness Cat) Laural to see Flight of the Conchords at Wolf Trap out in Virginia. Here’s a picture of me at the show:


    Hoo boy, if you are a fan of Flight of the Conchords you sure would have enjoyed this show! Their new stuff is full of the classic banter we all love, and the old standards were well represented. If you aren’t a fan of awkward dudes rambling, then you probably wouldn’t dig it . . . or this blog

Price is Right-Cap

As you hopefully know by now, I am taking suggestions for adventures I can take during my funemployment. Feel free to suggest your own adventure!

My first suggested adventure comes from Dr. Chim Richalds (I don’t get the reference, but I know this was my friend Dylan) who writes:

Watch the Price is Right. Everyday. Wake up for it, make a solid 10:59am alarm Monday-Friday

So, I will be dedicating this section to a daily recap of The Price is Right.

This week’s Price is Right was pre-empted by Obama speaking about yesterday’s tragedy in Orlando, so I can’t present  full review. Overall it was a pretty underwhelming episode though. Everyone was terrible at spinning the wheel, and a woman missed her showcase by $12,000 because she thought it was cute to bid $24,680.

Best Moment: The very first contestant of the day was celebrating his best friend’s bachelorette party. After winning a trip for 2 to Aruba he looked directly at her and shouted “I’m keeping it!” Good on you, sir.

Worst Moment: A woman on Contestant’s Row bid $1303 only for the very next contestant to bid $1301. The crowd was visibly and audibly disgusted by the second contestant’s ignorance. They both lost to the woman who bid $1.

By The Numbers

Sobriety: 7/10. I had 3 beers during the concert, and am drinking one right now. Bad for a Monday, but probably fine for a delightful summer concert out in the sun.

Healthy Eating: 6/10. I started SO WELL today! I had a delightful egg sandwich with spring mix and blackberries on the side for breakfast, but then I forgot to eat lunch and only had chips and other garbage snacks for dinner at the concert. This rating would be lower, but I also had some grapes and cherries.

Sanity: 8/10. [probably the highest I’d ever be comfortable rating myself on here – Ed.] Even with the added stress of dealing with post-concert traffic I didn’t do anything rash or erratic all day. I don’t expect to stay this even keeled for long.

True Love Rating: 0/10. I did not find true love today.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave any questions or suggestions in the comments, and tell your friends.


3 thoughts on “Day 1: It Begins”

  1. I’m both delighted and concerned about your well being. Quite the complex emotion towards someone who judge people on how they spin the wheel.


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