Day 4: Supermarket Sweep

I’ve seen same Sunglasses Hut commercial like 5 times today. I am never shopping there.


  • Stayed up until 2 AM again, this time I was trying to catch up on Adventure Time
  • I went grocery shopping twice today. First trip I spent $25 at Mom’s Organic Market img_1588

Then I spent $17 at Harris Teeter

Between the two trips I still don’t have anything to make a full meal

  • Briefly met with my other sister Liz who told me this blog “isn’t as funny as [I think] it is.”
  • I was going to give a tour/review of my gym’s “relaxation center” today but it turns out I need to talk to people to use it. Expect a review on Monday when I have more time to dick around.

Price is Right-cap

I really need to write these right after watching Price is Right instead of 12 hours later when I write the rest of the blog. I’ve forgotten most of what happened, but I know I was furious about how bad everyone was at playing the games. Where are all the stoned nerds and shut-ins who memorized the prices before coming on the show?

Also, yet again Price is Right picked a friend of a bride there for a bachelorette party and offered a great couples gift. Is this how the producers get off?

Best Moment: No Amber this week.

Worst Moment: The woman who won the Showcase Showdown was under by over $15,000.

By the Numbers 

Sobriety: 6/10. I had a shower beer after the gym then 3 more with/after dinner.

Healthy Eating: 6/10. All I had today was a sausage and peppers sandwich for dinner. Also I’m constantly being taunted by the string cheese I impulse bought.

  • Daily string cheese count: 2 pieces (I wrote this before eating my second string cheese to give myself the freedom to have another).

Sanity: 8/10. I went outside and interacted with people today.

True Love: -1/10. A stranger told me that nobody will ever love me.


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