Day 9: Sandwich Wednesday

I have officially declared today “Sandwich Wednesday.”

I got this beautiful masterpiece at A. Litteri over by Union Market in DC. It’s an Italian Hoagie that is nothing short of a masterpiece. I was originally also going to get a meatball sub, but they make you use a golf pencil to fill out individual slips for each sandwich you order and it stressed me out. I’ll just have to wait until next Sandwich Wednesday.


  • See Above
  • Some ABSOLUTE MONSTER went out in the middle of a terrifying thunder storm to steal my bike lights.
  • I worked my first mostly solo shift at Atlas Brew Works tonight. Basically nobody came in, but I’m pretty sure I did a good job. As far as I could tell nobody hated me, and I didn’t break or ruin anything. GO ME.

Price is Right-Cap

Today they introduced a new – to me at least – game. The contestant draws playing cards which denote certain prices. Those prices add to another pre-set price to equal a number that is meant to come within a randomly selected range of the price of a car. Also, if a player draws an Ace they’re basically free to guess the price. The game is overly complicated if not entirely broken. Drew struggled to explain it while repeatedly assuring the audience the game makes sense and isn’t rigged. Unsurprisingly the contestant lost.

Best Moment: Drew yelled at a woman for daring to think he wouldn’t know where a Cleveland suburb was.

Worst Moment: A woman from the Navy made it on the stage and when Drew asked why she joined the Navy she regretfully yelled “I joined so I could pay for college!”

By The Numbers

Sobriety: 8/10. It’s hard to not drink while working at a brewery.

Eating Healthy: 6/10. All I ate today was that glorious sandwich. No ragrets.

Sanity: 5/10. This post is about my Tuesday.

True Love: 2/10. I got a lot of matches on Bumble today, but I also changed my profile picture to the photo from Weekend Update: Wedding Edition, so most of them probably think I am a handsome, stylish African-American man.


2 thoughts on “Day 9: Sandwich Wednesday”

    1. I did use the tipped over bike rack, I’ll have to share a photo of that next time.

      I didn’t catch any names, but everyone was a class act.


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