Weekend Update 2: Update Harder

This weekend I failed myself in a way I never thought possible. I ate a meatball sub, and after finishing it I thought “hoo boy, that was a little much.” 

If this is how facing your mortality feels I will take a hard pass.


  • While waiting on my meatball sub at A. Litteri I watched a small child take his hoagie and give it a warmer and more loving embrace than I have ever given a human being. For once I’m not terrified for future generations. photo stolen from dreamstime.org
  • I spent my Saturday afternoon reclining at the National Arboretum with a beer and a book. I probably should have taken a photo.
  • I somehow unlearned how tap a keg at Atlas, or I guess I really taught myself how to not tap a keg. Either way, I twice wound up with a face-full of foam. Being soaked in beer isn’t as fun as you’d think. 
  • I actually looked at my bank account for the first time during funemployment and am doing much better than I thought. Turns out not eating and drinking for free are good money-savers.

By the Numbers

Sobriety: 5/10. It’s the freakin’ weekend baby I’m gonna have me some fun

Eating Healthy: 3/10. On top of that meatball sub I had chinese food and the rest of those terrible muffins.

Sanity: 5/10. No comment. 

True Love: 0/10. I just didn’t feel loveable this weekend.


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