Day 18: Loose Wet Meat

I’m writing this post at The Pub and the People because apparently I wanted to end my night sitting quietly in a bar watching baseball. They are also the best neighbors ever.

Today has been very weird. I’ve been in a generally good mood and have only focused on the delightfulness of the people with whom I’ve interacted. 


  • I’m still not handling this no bike life well. Luckily my baby is back tomorrow.
  • I saw my first casually naked dude at the gym today. I’m shocked it took so long.
  • My officially former roommate sent me an overly long email asking me to help pay the utilities she never bothered to pay while living here. Let’s see how long I can ignore her.
  • A group of adult bros came into the bar tonight and spent several hours talking about how great it was when they were at Penn State. 
  • A law firm also brought in their summer associates and set a cap of $800 on their tab. The 12 of them didn’t break $400. I told the coordinator they should be embarrassed. 
  • At one point in the night two people were discussing how cool it was when Atlas had Eleanor Holmes Norton guest bartend. I didn’t mention that I helped set that event up because I hate myself. [I originally forgot to include this story because I hate myself – Ed.]
  • I might be blacklisted on Lyft right now. A coworker had to give me a ride home.

Price is Right-cap

This week was all about luck over skill. A woman won a car on Stack the Deck after only getting one number, and a dude won a car without even needing to guess an item on a game I want to call Pick a Number, but that’s not right. 

Best Moment: The new model, Gwendoline, is the best. 

Worst Moment: A woman actually went over on the Showcase despite a reasonable guess.

By the numbers

Sobriety: 4/10. I really need a better way to gauge this. Just because I drink a large volume throughout the day doesn’t mean I’m getting drunk or trying to numb the pain. 

Healthy Eating: 3/10. This was my lunch.

It’s a gluten free bison and cranberry bar. I expected it to be more like jerky and less like wet loose meat.

Sanity: 6/10. I didn’t smack those Penn State bros.

True Love: -1/10. I made the mistake of re-engaging a woman who had already passively rejected me, because I demand active rejection. 

Also I had this interaction with a spam account on Tinder.

Steps: 10,851.


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