Day 19: Black Socks

I’d like to officially welcome my sister Katie to the world of funemployment. If you’re interested in hearing about  her journey check out her blog Wake and Bake or something.


  • I hung out at The Pub and the People until about 1 am trying some of their experimental cocktails. 
  • When I got home I reheated a shitload of pasta and fell asleep reading in my desk chair. 
  • I’ve spent the majority of the day only wearing black socks. Walking barefoot on hardwood floors in my version of hell.
  • My bike wasn’t ready in time, so I’m still stuck with these dumb assholes

  • I’m declaring 2016 the year Gay Talese tried to re-establish himself as a Simpsons reference AND an asshole. I read the section of The Voyeurs Motel published in the New Yorker and shit was garbage. 
  • I finally watched the pilot for The Night Of. It’s pretty good if you like watching people notice things. Also Riz Ahmed is a treasure. If you haven’t seen Four Lions or Nightcrawler, do so immediately.

Price is Right-Cap

There were like five different models on this episode of Price is Right. They must be under budget if they can afford more than their usual two.

Best Moment: A delightful old sad sack played It’s In The Bag. He knew when to quit, and after winning $4,000 he shouted “can I hug Rachel?” He hugged the dude model too.

Worst Moment: They already brought Card Game back, and Drew is still terrible at explaining it.

By the Numbers 

Sobriety: 4/10. I’m a monster!

Healthy Eating: 2/10. All I ate today was a calzone and Chinese food.

Sanity: 1/10. Today wasn’t a great day. 

True Love: 0/10. 

Steps: 2,653


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