Weekend Update: The Count Rides Again. 

I finally got The Count back! Go to hell, feet! He wound up needing:

  • General tune-up
  • New front and rear brakes
  • New rear brake cable
  • New chain
  • New cassette
  • New bottom bracket
  • New rear tire
  • New seat

Here it is in receipt form

Look how dapper he is!

I didn’t even make it a full 24 hours before I left him out in the rain.


  • I went to Giant at 11 PM on a Saturday, and saw the strangest assortment of people ever. Only about half of them were absurd loaners like me. Mostly it was just families and polite couples who go shopping late at night so their arguing doesn’t disturb their fellow shoppers. As I checked out an older woman looked over my shoulder and judged what I bought.
  • I’m really doing a good job getting stuck in conversations with people I don’t like at Atlas. One obnoxious couple even left me a nice note saying how great I was!
  • A friend of a friend came in to Atlas today and after we said hi a coworker came over to tell me what an tool they were being earlier. This is why I don’t associate with people.
  • New roommate is officially moved in and appears to be entirely hopeless. He’s currently struggling to enter our wifi password.
  • I wasn’t feeling well on my bike ride home from the gym, so I stopped at Harris Teeter to grab a coke to settle my stomach. After sitting down and taking a few sips I proceeded to projectile vomit directly into the bushes. Luckily the only thing in my stomach was water and coffee. Do you think that’s related?
  • Before vomiting I was treated to a beautiful display of illegal fireworks on my ride through NE.

Theatre Courner

On Saturday my sister Katie (Break and Bake) and I went to see Next to Normal at the Keegan Theater, which is a secret theater hidden on a residential street in Dupont Circle.

Next to Normal is definitely the closest we will ever come to a Six Feet Under musical, which is a shame, because Six Feet Under could have been such a great musical on its own*Spoilers for a show that has been off the air for 10 years and you need to watch immediately*. [I know Six Feet Under had actual musical numbers and beautiful moments set to music, but this sincerely remains one of my favorite scenes from the show. -Ed.]

For some reason the only song I knew from the show going in was “Superboy and The Invisible Girl.” I mean yeah it’s a great song, but where did I even hear it? If you know, tell me in the comments.

I appreciated the references to Tommy and Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” but I feel like the Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple and other Prog Rock musical cues were a little too on the nose and felt like the writers going”heh, drugs!”

The set also kept reminding me of Rooms: The Musical from with Bob and David which remains the most hilarious and absurd thing I have ever seen.

I wouldn’t say my sobbing was “uncontrollable” but it was pretty intense. Hoo boy can that literal personification of mental illness sing harmonies!

4/5 opera glasses.

By The Numbers 

Sobriety: 4/10. At the show Katie asked if I wanted a drink and I responded “always.” For some reason that caused her concern.

Healthy Eating: 10/10. I don’t care what that bitch thinks! Popcorn chicken, curly fries, mayo and ice cream is a totally normal grocery selection.

Sanity: 8/10. After watching a musical about mental illness I should probably be less flippant about my own.

True Love: 1/10. Those obnoxious people sure loved me!

Steps: 21,714


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