Day 26: Vacation!

I decided to rent a car for my vacation so I can actually get around in suburban PA. My mom initially offered to call Enterprise, but they told her all she could rent was a full-sized car for $50/day. I went online and reserved a mid-size car for $30/day.

Not only did I get a free upgrade, but the dude gave me a discount. 

Just gotta drop the kids off at the pool


  • My mom and I got breakfast at Plain & Fancy diner, which is neither plain nor fancy. 
  • I got some new headphones at Target and the woman gave me a discount. Why is everyone is so friendly?
  • I went on a little roadtrip with my dad today. We hit up a couple thrift stores and I “rescued” copies of Beloved, Middlesex, and The Silmarillion from a christian thrift store that I’m sure would have burned them had they known what they were. 
  • We also hit up Zern’s, which is a farmer’s market I always heard about growing up, but never visited it. Apparently my grandfather would take my dad there for livestock auctions as a kid and my dad hated it, so that probably had something to do with it. Either way, we bought delicious baked goods from an adorable little amish boy.

  • I met up with my cousin Danny and we hit up the Doylestown Brewing Co. I wanted to say mean things about them, but they’re a very good brewery. They have an oaked IPA which had surprising notes of vanilla and a smoky witbier that was delicious.
  • Danny and I had some fascinating conversations about his Catholicism and his acceptance of LGBT rights, but then things turned to Black Lives Matter and it got awkward. I like to believe I helped put things in perspective for him, but who knows.
  • We ended our night at literally the whitest bar I have  been to in the last decade, and they refused to serve us anything aside from Bud or Bud Light.

There was also a sculpture of a woman having sex with a dolphin?

Price is Right-cap

My parents are chord-cutters and don’t have a digital converter, so I couldn’t watch Price is Right. 

I watched the new Match Game though, which is good if too self-aware. Still, any show with Horatio Sanz, Tituss Burgess, Sherri Shepherd and Ana Gasteyer is worth watching. 

Best Moment: Tituss and Sherri got into a fight about if straight people can “drill that ass”

Worst Moment: Everyone was far too sober. 

By the numbers 

Sobriety: 6/10. I drank some beers. 

Healthy Eating: 5/10. I ate 3 meals today. One was cold pizza, another was a hoagie.

Sanity: 8/10. I am a good boy. 

True Love: 0/10. There are apparently Tinder bots in the suburbs too.

Steps: 2,222

Vacation Hoagies: 1. . . so far.


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