Day 30: Wish it Would Never End

Well, my vacation is officially over. I had to return my mobile fortress, and now I’m back to getting around on this piece of shit. 

Stupid bike, doesn’t even have a back-up camera. 


  • I met up with my friend Jenn for coffee. She is just ending her own period of funemployment and gave me a few tips. Apparently I will hit a point where I begin re-evaluating every single human interaction I’ve ever had, so get ready for those posts!
  • I’m starting to think Megabus is just a bunch of independent contractors who make up their own rules. My driver back to DC delayed the bus by a solid 15 minutes because he felt the need to shriek at individual passengers for sitting in empty “reserved” seats. He then yelled his bizarre personal rules at both levels of the bus separately, despite his intercom working perfectly. 
  • I didn’t have to bartend, so I got to play trivia with my friends. The host we thought we successfully drove away with our combined hate was back and the crowd was less than welcoming. We got second, so it doesn’t really matter.

Price is Right-cap

Still didn’t watch it. This might have been the best part of my vacation. 

By the Numbers 

Sobriety: 4/10. For some reason the servers at trivia always ignore me, but this week they were very responsive. 

Healthy Eating : 2/10. I only ate wawa things today. That’s healthy, right?

Sanity : 5/10. Fuck Megabus, BURN THE RICH. 

True Love: 1/10. I got something in the works and don’t want to jinx it. 

Steps: 9,012

Vacation Hoagies: 5 plus 1 I’m saving for later. 


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