Day 31: Re-evaluating

I have officially been funemployed for a month now, and so it’s probably a good time to look back at the last month and how things have been going.


  • I am a lot less stressed than before. I don’t even remember the last time I was irrationally angry at someone or something
  • Even if it’s only part-time, I really enjoy working at Atlas
  • I go to the gym regularly instead of just sitting around being shitty
  • I’m spending a lot more time outside
  • I am drinking a lot less
  • I am basically in sandwich heaven


  • I’m becoming even more of a recluse
  • I have not applied for a single job
  • When I do eat it’s usually take-out or garbage food
  • This blog is generally terrible

So as I enter my second month of funemployment it’s time for some ch-ch-ch-changes

Image via wikipedia

  1. I’m going to actually apply or even just search for jobs
  2. I’m going to stop eating garbage and actually buy and cook my food
  3. I’m going to do social things instead of just biking around and sitting alone in the arboretum
  4. I’m going to encourage people to suggest more adventures!


  • So it turns out I left all my toiletries and the beautiful art that Zack brought me from India in Quakertown.
  • I didn’t leave my house or put on pants today. I spent the whole day watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend despite everyone on the show except Darryl and White Josh being severely unlikable.
  • I’m officially sick of Pokemon Go. Nostalgia maintained it for a while, but deep down it’s a shitty game in every way. Call me when the servers actually work and there is a real way to level up your Pokemon and play with friends. Luckily I got out before they announced their big partnership with McDonald’s.

Price is Right-cap

After 30 days I am officially going to retire the Price is Right-cap. It’s really inconvenient to have 11 am to noon blocked out of my day and it’s very hard to come up with interesting things to say about the show every day.

Keep an eye out for a longer piece about my thoughts on Price is Right as a whole over on Depths of TV soon.

Best Moment: The woman who won the showcase was only off by $302.

Worst Moment: A woman straight up shat the bed playing Secret ‘X’. She got all the prices wrong and so didn’t even have enough x’s to play the game.

By the Numbers

Sobriety: 10/10. It’s hard to drink when you never leave the house.

Healthy Eating: 2/10. It’s also hard to eat. All I had was my bonus wawa hoagie.

Sanity: 4/10. I feel like I should have at least wanted to go outside. I’m also dinging myself for taking the time to average out all my ratings for the last 30 days below.

True Love: 0/10. There’s a theme here, have you picked up on it?

Steps: 110. There it is

30 Day Average

Sobriety: 6.08/10. Sounds about right. It was probably a 4/10 before funemployment

Healthy Eating: 4.28/10. This is definitely more for my not eating and less for my eating trash.

Sanity: 6.08/10. Not too shabby considering.

True Love: 0.46/10. This is only so high because of that time I gave a 10/10 as a joke.


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