Weekend Update: Official Boy Edition

I spent the majority of my weekend bingeing Stranger Things on Netflix. If you haven’t started it, do so immediately.

Despite what the advertising says, it’s not so much an homage to Spielberg as it is an homage to absolutely everything from the 80’s. I’m sure there were dozens of references and scene for scene re-creations that I missed.

It is bizarre how well-cast the entire show is. Winona Ryer absolutely crushed it as the distraught mom and there were TWO teens who were each trying to be different evil Kiefer Sutherlands.

My only criticism for the show is that the creators go by “The Duffer Brothers,” which is hilarious every time I see it. Change your names, guys.


  • My Atlas shirt finally came in, and now I look like an official boy!

  • I somehow wound up talking to somebody from “The Offline Society” and she invited me to one of their events. You KNOW I’m gonna go and blog mean things about them!
  • I’ve had a weird pain under my chin for a few days now. Obviously it’s cancer.
  • I forgot that some of the pairs of boxer briefs I bought are bright colors, so it was like a fun surprise when I took off my pants after work.

By the Numbers

Sobriety: 6/10. I had some beers.

Healthy Eating: 5/10. All I ate this weekend was lasagna and fruit. My poops are gonna be interesting.

Sanity: 8/10. Yeah, it’s been pretty chill.

True Love: -1/10. The woman from the Offline Society was visibly uncomfortable with giving me her card, which was a great confidence booster.

Steps: 13,739


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