Day 43: Ninja Boi

Unfortunately, it looks like I’m not going to be able to provide photos from my ninja class. Maybe at some point down the line I’ll do photos or video to show what I learned.

I spent the majority of the day panicking about this class, and managed to immediately make a fool of myself by not being able to find the stairs up to the class. Luckily, I actually asked somebody instead of immediately leaving, which is my usual M.O.

Turns out running and jumping around with 10 other people in a non-air conditioned room in 100 degree weather is kinda fun.

Still, I’m terrible at parkour. My core is garbage, and my balance is terrible. I’ve already started calculating how many of these classes I can bail on and not feel like I wasted money. I think it’s 6.


  • It’s too hot to do anything. I burned through all my Monday podcasts just sitting around doing nothing.
  • My friend Dylan took his son Mead to Sesame Place yesterday and today, and during a character breakfast Mead was ignoring Elmo and asking for Bert and Ernie. Maybe the world isn’t a horrible shitpile all the time.
  • I actually saw one of my roommates today. We said “hi” to each other and he immediately left. I really like this current set-up. Somebody else even cleaned the kitchen!

By the Numbers

Sobriety: 9/10. Normally when I’m freaking out I’ll drink or smoke pot to deal with it, but was too scared to do either before ninja classes. Is this how alcoholics get sober?

Healthy Eating: 7/10. I ate a really nice breakfast to give me plenty of energy for the day. Blueberry pancakes with two fried eggs.

no, YOU look like garbage

I had some leftover buffalo chicken for “lunch” too.

Sanity: 8/10. I’m very proud of myself for only kind of collapsing into a ball of self-loathing both before and after ninja class.

True Love: 2/10. I’m soooooo charming.

Considering I won’t have my phone on me during these parkour classes, I’m going to stop tracking my steps. Any day I have class I’ll instead be rating my “ninja skillz”

Ninja Skillz: 1/10. I can do a pretty good seated row, but I’m pretty terrible at everything else.


2 thoughts on “Day 43: Ninja Boi”

  1. I could see you as a rower. They’ve got those long torso/wide shoulder builds like us. Please don’t bail on ninja warrior classes.


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