Day 46: Zelda’s The Princess

Before I started Funemployment I set a weird personal goal: beat the original NES Legend of Zelda.

I’m not exactly good at video games – I’m pretty sure the only games I’ve beaten are Kingdom Hearts I & II – so it felt like a fun challenge. I originally started without using a guide, and basically got nowhere fast. After I finally cracked and started using the guide I realized that the point of the game apparently isn’t to run around and die without ever really understanding how to play.

My usual strategy for games is to just brute force it, which works surprisingly well in Zelda. After a solid 3 hours I was finally accomplishing tasks and actually started almost beating dungeons. 5 hours later I was actually halfway decent at killing monsters with weird names.

I had a good run, but I eventually died in a dungeon and am basically stuck. I don’t have enough health to beat the dungeon and I can’t afford to buy potions. My only option right now is to go out and grind for rupees before trying again, but before I do that I just need to take a break from the game.

Was this all a metaphor?


  • I really didn’t sleep well last night, and didn’t get out of bed until noon. I think my body hates me. Also, I kept thinking it was Friday.
  • There were some serious ugly tears happening while I watched Hillary’s DNC speech.

By the Numbers

Sobriety: 5/10. I finished my New Belgium sampler.

Healthy Eating: 2/10. I made farfalle with chicken and pesto, but that’s all I ate today.

Sanity: 5/10. This insomnia is not a good sign.

True Love: 0/10. When will my true love find me?

Steps: 652


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