Day 53: Productivity!

I feel like I was productive today, but really I just did laundry, watched tv and went to the gym. 

I didn’t take any pictures, so here’s the shirt I was wearing:


  • I finally entered my gym’s “relaxation” room to use one of the hydro-massage bed. It felt good, but was loud as fuck. Not exactly relaxing.
  • My friends/trivia teammates Bagel and Jordan were displaying their art at a Pancakes and Booze art event, so famed memoirist Laural and I stopped by. I’m a terrible friend, so I didn’t take any photos to show what talented artists they both are. 
  • They were only giving out one pancake at a time and the event was insanely crowded, so we bounced and went to Boundary Stone. Atlas was hosting a release of their summer beers, and to celebrate a band was blasting jazz music at an unbearable volume. We had missed our friend Nikita at pancakes, so she came by to bask in the noise.
  • I’m concurrently bingeing Hannibal, Justified, and Gravity Falls. I wonder what this will do to my brain.

By the Numbers 

Sobriety: 7/10. I feel like when I drink with people I both drink less and get drunker. 

Healthy Eating: 6/10. I ate an egg sandwich, greek yogurt with blueberries and a cheesesteak. This might be the best I’ve eaten all funemployment. 

Sanity: 7/10. I think I’m going to become a sexy serial killer full of whimsy and childlike wonder. 

True Love: 1/10. I complimented a woman’s undercut and I think there’s potential here.

Steps: 9,133


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