Day 54: Social Boy

A couple of people are leaving Atlas, so they had a going away party. My original plan was of course to skip it and spend all night sitting alone in my room watching tv, but for some stupid reason I decided to go.

It turns out that the people I interact with regularly not only know who I am, but enjoy my company. Not only did I hang out with people and have a good time, I even went to a second location with the group. Human interactions are weird.


  • I woke up sore as fuck, and was entirely prepared to skip parkour class. I somehow talked myself into going, and we spent the entire class just jumping and climbing around with no real set goal. If I had a full range of motion, I would have done better, but I still did pretty well.
  • I spent a large portion of the day cleaning my room and doing laundry. Who am I trying to impress?
  • I have been craving pork chops today, and had grand plans to make some for dinner/lunches all week. Instead I stayed out drinking, so look for the update about pork chops in my weekend update.
  • I didn’t watch the Olympic opening ceremonies. Were they terrible?
  • There were a lot of conversations about Orlando Bloom’s dick tonight.

By the Numbers

Sobriety: 5/10. I read an article earlier about how you should always just have 2 drinks at a party. I ignored that article.

Healthy Eating: 0/10. I . . . I don’t think I ate today?

Sanity: 8/10. I did things I didn’t want to do and didn’t regret it!

True Love: 1/10. So many ladies are so into me right now!

Ninja Skillz: 2/10. My arms are pretty much dead, which made some of my climbing garbage.


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