Day 57: Crying and Watching Cartoons

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get fired from parkour. Today my instructor had to ask me to stop bleeding on the equipment.

I actually really like the new session of class. It’s a mix of different skills levels and we’re working on more complex stuff, so more of us are terrible.

We worked on pole swings which are shockingly hard to do. I managed to roll the same ankle I hurt before, and here were my instructor’s tips for recovery:

  • Keep moving
  • Put as much pressure on it as you can
  • Don’t ice it

I think my body is going to explode.


  • I stayed up until 2 AM finishing Gravity Falls. I love the show, but it really needed a third season. Ford and Bill never really felt like they fit in as characters, and it felt like in the end they just gave up on building the central mystery. Despite all that,the finale was pretty damn satisfying. I spent the whole last episode sobbing uncontrollably.
  • My friend Marcus recently moved to LA and today he sent me this photo:

  • I decided to catch up on Steven Universe, and the first episode that came on was a musical about Greg and Pearl’s unresolved hostility. This show is a treasure.

Contest Announcement!

As we approach the two month anniversary of this blog, I’m dread writing another post whining about what a failure I’ve been. Instead I’m going to let you jerks do it.

Write your own summary of my full two months of Funemployment and post it in the comments and the best story will win a prize! Maybe you’re a friend who wants to highlight things I left out of this blog, or maybe you’re just a fan who has sincere concerns for my mental and physical well-being. All the summaries will get published on my two month anniversary post, and the writer of the best story will win a secret prize!

By the Numbers 

Sobriety: 4/10. I drank a lot today. I don’t know why.

Healthy Eating: 7/10. I have so many delicious leftovers to eat!

Sanity: 6/10. Parkour makes me so fucking anxious.

True Love: 0/10. I’ve actually made MORE plans for Wednesday assuming my date will cancel.

Ninja Skillz: 1/10. I did a double pole swing despite a hurt ankle. That takes guts.


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