Day 59: The Little Prince

I didn’t really sleep well last night. I’ve never really understood the phrase “fits and spurts,” but that was exactly what I was experiencing. I’d try to force myself to fall asleep and the second I entered REM sleep I would be jerked awake with my heart racing. It was only kinda fun.

artist’s interpretation

I like to believe it was just because I’ve been working late so often and not a more concerning issue.

Luckily, my friend Shreya was awake, so she kept me company via text until I fell asleep around 4 AM. 


  • Once I fell asleep I slept comfortably until 10:30 AM. 
  • I decided to skip parkour because I am still bruised and sore and lazy.
  • I tried some networking today. I emailed an old board member asking him to serve as a reference. No response.
  • I got sucked into Virgin America’s anniversary sale and spent too much money on flights for travel I shouldn’t be doing.
  • I finally watched the new Netflix version of The Little Prince and I kinda liked it. It’s basically like if The Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz were crammed into one movie. It starts as an innovative but faithful adaptation before shifting into a dark and depressing sequel. I also fully understand why the American distributor dropped it at the last second. It’s a deeply philosophical movie that is dark, depressing and unsettling at times. It would have been a giant flop.
  • My date tonight had a “minor medical emergency,” so it was a good thing I had already scheduled drinks with Laural. We went to Compass Rose and commiserated about how awful dating is.

By the Numbers 

Sobriety: 5/10. I was casually drinking all day.

Healthy Eating: 2/10. I only ate raisin bread.

Sanity: 5/10. So anxious always.

True Love: -10/10. All my dating profiles just say “Who wants to get high and watch Westerns?”

Ninja Skillz: -1/10. I’m a lazy ninja.


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