Day 64: First Edition

I was looking through the copy of The Silmarillion that I rescued in Quakertown and found this:

Map of Beleriand drawn by Christopher Tolkien

Turns out it isn’t a First Edition, but it’s an American First Edition. Either way it’s worthless because the MONSTERS who run the Christian thrift store ruined the dust jacket by cutting the original price out.


  • I submitted my ideas for the donut shop social media job. My favorite one was “Donuts: all the fun of eating a whole cake by yourself, none of the guilt.”
  • I rode the metro for the first time in a god knows how long. I was only going to Columbia Heights, so I didn’t have to deal with any SafeTrack bullshit. Is that still a thing? Either way we’re still at a point where nobody should be outside.
  • I honestly completely forgot about parkour class. I’m probably not going back. I got my money’s worth.

By the Numbers

Sobriety: 7/10. My manager at Atlas is offering beer classes, so I checked that out. There were a lot of tastings.

Healthy Eating: 0/10. I bought a 24 pack of ice cream sandwiches today. Not only did I somehow not eat any of them, I didn’t eat any other food.

True Love: 1/10. I’m still talking to that sandwich girl.

Sanity: 7/10. I think I’m getting better.

Steps: 7,934


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