Weekend Update: Nice

I received some unsolicited reviews over the weekend. This blog is:

  • “Well-written, but weird”
  • “Hilarious because you’re so honest. You’re not afraid to write ‘I spent all day in my underwear and ate a peach.'”

Leave your unsolicited reviews in the comments!


  • Yet again I thought it would be smart to run in 90 + degree heat because I’m too lazy to go to the gym I pay for.
  • I found a new show, The Lucas Bros. Moving Co. Unfortunately, then I ate that weird shit up over two days. Well, onto the next show.
  • I found a needle in my jorts if anyone doubted how punk rock they were.
  • The Bohinkas reunited sans Blake Bortles to resume our dominance of trivia at Politics and Prose. It was their four year anniversary, and while it would have been nice to celebrate four years of being the supreme nerds, we couldn’t pull off a win and had to settle for third or fourth place. It was unclear which.
  • Saturday was blog #1 fan Rachel Cannon’s birthday, and she is getting ready to move, so she had people over to drink modestly priced wine. The consummate host, she even had Michael FUCKING Bolton monogrammed cups especially for me.

  • I spent most of Sunday cursing about how worthless I am, but it ended with me finishing my first cover letter of funemployment. Yay me!
  • After such a busy weekend, I earned the 5 hour nap I took on Sunday. I probably would have just gone to bed if I didn’t have to write this damn post.

By the Numbers

Sobriety: 6/10. I had some social cocktails.

Healthy Eating: 2/10. My sister Liz told me she was worried I’m not eating. If it puts her at ease this weekend I had lots of chicken parm and ice cream sandwiches.

Sanity: 8/10. Whatevs

True Love: 0/10. No updates.

Steps: 15,256



4 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Nice”

    1. Your pedantry is much appreciated. I apologize for misrepresenting monograms in the service of a joke.

      If you paid attention to my “True Love” ratings you’d know that “Michael Bolton Fucks” would be a misnomer.


  1. I totally missed my shout-out. I’m so happy that I’m blog fan #1. It’s probably because I sit and read it to myself while cackling at your general disregard for societal standards.

    Absolutely in love with the donut shop series.


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