Day 71: Interviews

I started my day by submitting that cover letter I wrote yesterday. I followed up applying for the job by basically telling the organization that it’s ok if they don’t want to interview me. Yay self-confidence!

I followed that up by doing a phone interview at the donut shop. I did well answering the questions, but I felt like every time I suggested a marketing strategy he would say “oh man, if you only knew how hard it was to do that!” I know how hard it is, dude. That’s why you’re hiring a full-time person to handle it!

God, I hope he doesn’t find this blog.

Anyway, I made it through to the next round of interviews, so I might be ending this blog very soon. [Don’t worry, I’m never going to end this blog. – Ed.]


  • I did my phone interview in shorts, a t-shirt and a blazer. I was going to do it pantsless as a power move, but got distracted.
  • I finally broke down and went to TD to get a new fucking debit card. The teller was very polite, but kept trying to make excuses for my TD refused to mail me a new card. Anyway, fuck TD Bank to death.
  • I went out and bought some more $8 bread. The cashier then tried to charge me $64 for a bag of coffee, but luckily it was a mistake.
  • My co-worker from Atlas invited me to Churchkey for the DC launch of Modern Times brewery.

The beer was delicious, but I got into a number of odd interactions:

    • A guy I’d never met insisted we had met before. Later, I saw him doing it to other people. I figured out what he was doing when he started talking about how much he loved How to Win Friends and Influence People.
    • Two guys complained about all the “posers” who had come out without having an intimate knowledge of the beer beforehand.
    • Me and one guy stood next to each other silently for several minutes. He was my favorite.
  • After that awkwardness I made Laural go with me to Takoda because I still hadn’t checked them out and it was a perfect night to drink on a rooftop. It’s a small, but beautiful space, and the brisket sliders and parmesan rosemary tots were delicious. My only complaint was when I politely asked the bartender to not judge me for ordering an old fashioned made with Old Crow he proceeded to judge me. Honestly though, I could never hold that against somebody.

By the Numbers!

Sobriety: 6/10. Probably bad for a Monday.

Healthy Eating: 2/10. Pork and tots is a pretty great diet for the day. I also ate a LOT of ice cream sandwiches

Sanity: 8/10. Keepin’ it real!

True Love: 1/10. I spent a good chunk of the day sending gifs of donuts to a girl.

Steps: 8,621


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