Day 72: Lazy as Fuck

Despite waking up at a reasonable hour yesterday, I couldn’t fall asleep last night. At about 2 AM I started making a meatball sub. I forgot to take a photo. 


  • I seriously did nothing most of the day. I didn’t even get dressed until 5 PM. 
  • We came in 3rd for trivia at Atlas. I may have made fun of customers for not knowing who Charles Guiteau or Leon Czolgosz were. 

  • I might have an extra ticket for Dinosaur Jr on September 8th. Maybe I’ll try another essay contest to give it away. 

By the Numbers 

Sobriety: 7/10. Heyyyyyyyyyyy

Healthy Eating: 5/10. This might be the most I’ve eaten in a day all funemployment. 

Sanity: 8/10. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

True Love: -10/10. The girl who tried to crash my date last week randomly started texting me. It was a bad experience that made everyone feel worse afterward. 

Steps: 4,905.


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