Weekend Update: Take A Chance

This weekend a man in a purple steampunk suit with no shirt and a cravat told me about his secret poly family. Somehow this inspired me to take some bold personal chances over the weekend. Let’s see if they pay off.


  • I watched Elvis & Nixon  on Friday and absolutely loved it. Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon really work to out-crazy each other and in the end we all win. I appreciate that as much as the characters of Elvis and Nixon want to be seen as sympathetic, the movie is clear that they’re both shitty, self-obsessed assholes. Also, the ending stinger of “Elvis died of a drug overdose and those charming Nixon staffers all went to jail post-Watergate” was a perfect way to bring the story to a close.
  • Saturday was Atlas’ 3rd Anniversary party and I can’t be clear enough how much I love working there. After getting my soul crushed at my last job, I still find it weird that even when I’m in a shitty mood I’m super excited to go into work and interact with these insane, wonderful people.
Me long before drinking all the 10% ABV beer
  • In my post-party drunken stupor, I had a dream that I actually remembered. The dream took place at a bar/house/tennis club where I was working. Demons were chasing after my friend Shreya, but they couldn’t find her, so they started coming after me. I teamed up with club handyman George to learn how to kill the demons and defend her/myself, but woke up before things were fully resolved. After discussing the dream with Shreya we’re still about 50/50 on if it’s a prophecy or not.
  • Because of all my drinking I took a lot of LYFTs this weekend. After the party on Saturday, my driver told me to “be safe” on my walk from her car to my front door. On Sunday, my driver and I had a long conversation about tipping, and I almost didn’t tip him before I decided to stop being a shitty person.

By the Numbers

Sobriety: 0/10. Atlas released “Rowdier” for their anniversary, which is a 10% ABV version of their “Rowdy” beer. I drank way too many of them.

Healthy Eating: 0/10. All I ate on Saturday was a shit ton of chinese food. I made some pasta on Sunday.

True Love: 1/10. One of my exes followed me on Instagram.

Sanity: 10/10. I’m not gonna dismiss myself as insane anymore. Fuck that shit, I’m living my life and I’m enjoying it.

Steps: 12,625


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