Days 106 & 107: Road Trip!!!!!!

My friend Phil was in NYC for a wedding, and what started as me joking about taking a bus up on Monday to grab drinks with him and our friend Krysti slowly snowballed into me booking an 11 AM bus that got me into NYC at 4 PM with a return ticket for 5 AM on Tuesday.


  • When I got on the bus to NYC I passed a dude who was sprawled out over the entire seat, sultrily sipping from a juice box. He is my new hero.
  • For the first time ever, a small child sat next to me on the bus. He spent the vast majority of the ride singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and I only almost strangled him to death once, which is pretty impressive for me.
  • I originally planned to meet my friend Luke for a separate round of drinks at Peculiar Pub as we wanted to hit up one of our old college haunts, but on my way there I passed Blind Tiger, which is a much better bar that I sincerely forgot existed. It was a good call, because I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle drinking surrounded by a bunch of NYU students.
Blind Tiger also has a fancier beer selection.
  • Because Luke and I are pretty good at sitting around talking shit, I was super late to meet Phil at the first stop in their happy hour. By the time I got there everyone was leaving to go watch the debates. I’ve made it a point not to engage in politics much during this election, because at this point reasonable discourse has long been destroyed by dog whistles, but I figured a room of NYU grads would agree with all the things I angrily shouted at the TV. Things were going fine until Trump started bragging about how much Netanyahu loves him, and I screamed “fuck Netanyahu!” The room was awkwardly silent for a second.
  • After the debate we met up with our friend Krysti at McSorley’s which is a great bar when it’s empty or if your friend has spent years building close personal relationships with the entire staff like Krysti has.

  • McSorley’s closes at 1 AM and we still had 3 hours of raging ahead of us, so we went around the corner to The Copper Still, which is owned by one of the bartenders from McSorley’s and doesn’t close until 4 AM – like a bar should. While we were there, one of Phil’s friends realized she lost her phone, and that set off a series of misadventures that ended with Phil running off alone to meet the guy who found her phone up on 14th street – still unclear how the phone got so far away – despite him being super drunk and his phone being dead. I was about to go searching for him when he stumbled back in with the phone as if nothing happened.
  • I got to my bus at 4:30 AM, scarfed down the everything bagel I bought from a deli and immediately passed out. I’m sure I did something embarrassing, but not enough to make any of my fellow passengers yell at me.
  • I probably would have spent all of Tuesday in bed, but Boundary Stone was hosting Battle of the Barrel Aged Beers III and I couldn’t miss that! After my first tasting I started sweating, which was probably a bad sign. I got back home around 8 PM and immediately passed the fuck out.

By the Numbers

Sobriety: -10/10. See Above

Healthy Eating: 0/10. I had a burger at McSorley’s and half a chicken sandwich at Boundary Stone.

Sanity: 5/10. No reasonable person would spend 2 days doing this to themselves.

True Love: 0/10. I spent a lot of Monday drunk texting the girl I went out with on Saturday, and accidentally invited her to Boundary Stone on Tuesday. She lived up to her description of being a better version of my ex when she ended the date by telling me she really didn’t have time for me and my nonsense, and we probably shouldn’t hang out again.

Steps: 19,334


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