Day 109: Animal Planet Go

Ya know when you’re looking at a job listing, and are like “I really want this job”? Then, you starting looking at the requirements and you start thinking “ugh, I’m not qualified for this,” or “I don’t have enough past work to generate a packet”? That always sucks. 


  • I’m all caught up on You’re The Worst and Atlanta. I really can’t handle so much emotional honesty in my sitcoms.
  • Because I only exercise in inhospitable weather, I went running today. It would’ve been fine, but my knee started hurting immediately. Yay fitness!
  • One of the recurring jokes on You’re the Worst is how much Jimmy loves Treehouse Masters, so I downloaded the Animal Planet Go! app to watch it on my phone. This rabbit hole is plum for exploring 


    By the Numbers 

    Sobriety: 7/10. I’m still mostly booze. 

    Healthy Eating: 7/10. I made an egg sandwich for breakfast, then made a lasagna for dinner/food all weekend. 

    Sanity: 8/10. 

    True Love: 1/10. I’ve been talking to a girl on Bumble about what a hack Dave Eggers is. 

    Steps: 7,573


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