Weekend Update: Biscuits

This whole waking up at a reasonable hour, fully rested and ready to meet the day is really weird. I have all this time to do things now!


  • Friday was my friend Dylan’s son’s 3rd birthday. I bought him a copy of The Best of Ernie with a note asking him not to grow up to be an asshole. 

  • I went to bed at like 10 PM on Friday like some sort of grandpa.
  • I actually went to the gym on Saturday, but now have a blister on top of my foot.
  • I was ready to be all “I still haven’t seen Daredevil of Jessica Jones, but I love Luke Cage,” but five minutes into Luke Cage they were referencing direct plotlines from Jessica Jones, so I spent all weekend watching that instead. 
  • The best part of fall is there are actually things I want at the farmer’s market. I was just trying to buy a tomato, and left fully stocked. 
  • I made biscuits on Sunday, now I’m stuck with them. 

By the Numbers 

Sobriety: 8/10. ‘s fine. 

Healthy Eating: 7/10. On Saturday I ate normal food. On Sunday I made biscuits and gravy with potatoes and fried eggs, then nothing else. 

Sanity: 9/10.

True Love: 0/10. I had a date Friday night that was a perfectly pleasant conversation with another human. 

Steps: 14,601.


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