Wedding Adventure Part 1: The Hideout

I figure instead of trying to summarize a whole week of crazy adventures, I’d split this into two posts: Zack’s bachelor party and the week afterward, then preparing for Zack and Diana’s wedding/the wedding. Enjoy part 1!

For the bachelor party we rented a lake house in the Poconos, which is seriously one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. Everyone was pretty sad we had to leave the peaceful tranquility and go back to the real world.


  • I didn’t factor it in when I was planning the bachelor party, but god damn was just the drive up to the Poconos worth it. A drive through the mountains in the beautiful fall weather looking at the changing leaves while blasting funk music is all I need to relax. Oh, the cabin itself wasn’t too bad either.

  • One of the first things I did when I got to the cabin was walk through the sliding screen door bending it and knocking it off its tracks. Hopefully the homeowner doesn’t read this blog.
  • Zack was worried that the group wouldn’t get along and have nothing in common. His fears were assuaged when we almost immediately formed into a circle and started viciously mocking him. Zack has a real knack for picking friends.
  • Nobody wanted to go to The Pleasure Dome for Zack’s bachelor party. It’s apparently an inflatable dome in a field that is BYOB, so there was full nudity. According to their all-caps, terribly spelled facebook page they are the best club in the state.
  • I am an old man, and despite not drinking that much, I woke up Saturday with a headache and upset stomach.
  • Zack’s brother Jake and I went kayaking and we met a bald eagle.

  • Zack’s buddy Matt handled cooking for Saturday, which was delicious as hell, but didn’t help my stomach because it was now also full of  delicious food.
  • I crashed out pretty early on Saturday and couldn’t really figure out why. Turns out the ibuprofen I bought was actually PM, so I spent the whole day dosing myself.
  • On Sunday we went to the Tobyhanna State Park to hike, but it slowly devolved into a photo shoot.
photos by Forrest
  • James and I accidentally started a new band. Look for our EP soon.
photo by Jake
  • We played The Quiet Year which is an RPG about rebuilding the world after a horrible war and I love it so much. I think what makes the game so special is that despite it being a cooperative game there is absolutely no collaboration. Each person spends their turn doing whatever they want, which usually makes people act selfishly. Our game got crazy and dark pretty fast, but I guess a group could play it and actually work towards a Utopia.
  • On Monday, I drove back home on a different route and got even MORE beautiful views of foliage.
  • Our friend Steve was sick at the cabin, and managed to get 4 of us sick, so I spent Monday and Tuesday downing all the cold medicine in the world.
  • I watched Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein with my parents on Tuesday night. Those movies hold the fuck up. I really love the part at the beginning of Bride of Frankenstein where Mary Shelley herself comes out and goes “No, idiots, the ‘monster’ isn’t the villain of Frankenstein, it was about hubris and ignorance! It’s not hard!”
  • Zack, James, Steve and I went to see Shin Godzilla in a weird, abandoned building pretending to be a movie theater. I still can’t stop thinking about how good it was. Hideaki Anno does such a good job of putting you in the moment of a government trying to respond to a massive disaster, and it just gets so wonderfully overwhelming. The movie is so deeply cynical, but in the end hopeful and inspiring. I need them to make the sequel they so perfectly set up.

By the Numbers

Sobriety: 5/10. I drank a not small amount at the bachelor party, but spent the rest of the week too sick to drink.

Healthy Eating: 8/10. We ate really well at the bachelor party, but then I stopped eating because I was so sick.

Sanity: 10/10.

True Love: 0/10. Not much good dating app action in the burbs.

Steps: I dunno, a lot?


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