Hey kiddos, sorry for the radio silence, but I haven’t felt much like writing for a bit.

If you are unaware, the secret reason for my original disappearance was that my friends Cal, Marcus, Krysti and I all flew to San Francisco to surprise our friend Phil for Halloween. 

Here we are dressed as the Ninja Turtles before going on a bar crawl.

Honestly, one of the reasons I didn’t post for so long was because I struggled to put into words what an amazing adventure it was and how much I love my friends. 

After over a month off though, I’m back and full of that bile and hatred you all missed, so here we go again!


  • I lost my ID somewhere in SF and got to confront my privilege head-on. Not only did airport security accept a photo of my ID that I had on my phone, but I got to skip the entire security line to receive a light pat-down and have my carry-on barely inspected. Once I got back to DC I learned I’d have to actually go to the DMV for my replacement license and my passport is expired, so I’ve been living off the grid since then. It’s been surprisingly easy. 
  • I went to NYC with my sisters Liz and Katie and Brother-in-Law Wes to see Hamilton on November 9th. It was originally going to be a much more joyous trip to the theater, but it was still amazing. It was Christopher Jackson’s last week as George Washington so I spent all of “One Last Time” sobbing. 
  • I’ve been working at Atlas a lot, which has been fun, but it’s definitely switched from “fun way to make money” to “job I take seriously and try to do well.”
  • I spent Thanksgiving with Liz and Wes. Wes was sick and Liz is 8 months pregnant, so we mostly napped. Then we made stuffed chicken breasts and watched Kubo and the Two Strings. 
  • My cousin Danny came to visit DC the weekend after Thanksgiving, so I took him to all the DC breweries. We started at noon, and by 9 PM a switch flipped in me and I was suddenly drunk and ready to go home. On Sunday we got brunch with Liz and I took him to Union Market. I feel bad for not doing more touristy stuff with him, but I don’t wanna do that shit.
  • I haven’t applied for any other jobs, mostly because now I’m just sort of killing time until I move to San Francisco in February.
  • On the suggestion of my friend Dylan, I started watching Terrace House and am in love. It’s like if there was a slow tv reality show. Everyone is just so open and honest and trying to live their lives and be better people. Eventually things start getting dramatic, but it never feels forced or manufactured.
  • Because I mostly work nights now, my sleep schedule is entirely fucked. I’m shocked my roommates still tolerate me. 
  • I dunno if I can maintain my original excitement for West World now that it’s over. It’s a fine show, but I’m sick of my enjoyment being so conditional on future twists. 
  • Out of the blue, my old board chair called me up and offered me a job. I told him no for a myriad of reasons, but he’s persistent. We’ll see what happens. 
  • This Friday, I worked at Atlas until 1 AM, then went home and watched Terrace House until 6 AM because I had a 7:15 AM bus to Philly I was afraid I’d miss if I fell asleep. On my 3 hours of bus sleep, I then played 9 hours of Twilight Imperium with my friends Zack, James and Steve plus Zack’s friends Rob and Zack. I talked a lot of shit leading up to the game, and somehow it didn’t really come back to bite me. I probably should have focused more on growing my band of lupine space nomads early game instead of spreading out and being at a loss late-game, but I put up a good fight. 

By the Numbers 



Healthy Eating: Nope, I got super fat off garbage. 

True Love: -10/100 I took a couple girls on dates to play pinball, but I usually spent the night playing pinball and ignoring my dates.


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